Just Like The Local 20-plex, This Page Isn’t Much to Look At

When you sit down to watch a movie or see a live show, what do you look at until it begins?  How does the venue make you feel?  Will you even remember the place or want to go back?

Coming soon – a place to find historic showplaces.  What makes them historic?  Well, yes – age.  But what else?  Irreplaceable architecture, a history of famous performers, famous “firsts”, years of memories, a role as the center of a community – all good indicators.

Sometimes these places hold tens, sometimes hundreds, some even thousands.  They may look as good as the day they were completed, or perhaps drastically different.  But they’re still open — and dependent on someone like you to keep them going.

Until this house is ready for patrons, have a look at these current attractions:

Theatre Historical Society of America 
Cinema Treasures
Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation 
After the Final Curtain 
League of Historic American Theatres